Quick-Turn Studies

Move from business challenge to insight in a matter of a few hours to a few days. Take advantage of Glimpse’s open-ended (and other question types), human language capabilities to achieve true discovery and differentiated data. Get a uniquely fast and accurate read on sentiment, emotion, and top-of-mind awareness.

Sentiment Tracking

Track the evolution of sentiment, emotion, top-of-mind awareness, and purchase intent over time relative to any audience and any brand, product, or topic. Add context and explanatory power to existing brand trackers by explaining why the numbers are moving up or down. Simpler, faster, and less expensive than other first-party trackers in the market.

Hosted Studies

Understand the sentiment, emotions, and top-of-mind awareness of your customers, readers/viewers, or employees. Embed custom-generated Glimpse links in emails or text messages or distribute QR codes.

Data Upload

Extract value from all of the datasets you’ve spent time and money collecting from surveys. Open-ends and survey questions, verbatims with ratings, or social comments. Upload the data to Glimpse to harness the power of GenAI to code / categorize, summarize the entire dataset, extract insights, and suggest key messages for specific audience segments.

Get to know Glimpse

Target Any Audience

Any B2C or B2B audience, from Gen Pop in the US to Marketing Decision Makers in Germany to EV buyers in Korea

Launch a Study

Simple, powerful, and elegant. All of the functionality you need.

Respondent Experience

More like a text chat than a survey. Mobile-first, engaging, and equipped with best-in-class security and fraud verification.

AI-Powered Dashboard

Discover awareness, sentiment, emotion, and purchase intent in real-time. With industry-leading generative AI to help you create topics and even craft messaging

Target Any Audience

  • Access to 250M+ people across the global
  • Targeted B2C and B2B audiences
  • Specialized and hard-to-reach audience
  • Integrations with leading programmatic marketplaces and panels
  • Responses within minutes-hours (easy-to-reach audiences) or days (hard-to-reach audiences)
Illustration of connecting to people around the globe

Launch a Study

  • Create a study simply and quickly; no technical experience needed
  • Include open-ended questions at scale, plus all of the close-ended question types you need
  • Traditional survey functionality like skip-logic, answer randomization, and much more
  • Include images and videos to test products, concepts, or campaigns
  • Take advantage of Glimpse’s study templates and wizards to get started
  • Preview your study from the respondent point of view

Respondent Experience

  • The experience is similar to a text chat
  • It’s mobile-first, user-friendly, and maintains engagement from start to finish
  • Best-in-class filters ensure that all respondents are real people offering quality answers
  • When audiences share open-ended responses, they’re asked to select from an array of emojis
  • Generate more dependable sentiment and emotion data help the AI add even more value

AI-Powered Dashboard

  • Discover top-of-mind awareness, emotion, and sentiment instantly, with the help of generative AI
  • 15+ demographic and behavioral attributes for each respondent, plus firmographic attributes for B2B projects
  • Cross-tab functionality to filter all of the responses by time series, demographic categories, and more.
  • Simple to export client or CEO-ready data to Powerpoint or Excel file with the click of a button
  • Longitudinal sentiment tracking to study the evolution of awareness, emotion, and sentiment over time

With industry-leading generative AI integrations to create key messaging, draft blog posts, code responses, and much more, all based on audience responses and/or demographics.

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Data Quality

Glimpse takes data quality more seriously than any other comparable platform. So seriously that clients only pay for verified, quality responses.

  • We utilize a series of robust data quality techniques to ensure that real people are providing real, high quality answers.
  • We leverage state-of-the-art sampling APIs to support our automated questions platform.
  • We use programmatic sampling to enable automated approaches to recruitment and quota management systems to gain more control, transparency, and cost efficiency across a network of quality panel partners.

Check out this Nasdaq article about data quality penned by Glimpse leaders

Businesses and Investors are Losing Billions to Fraudulent Market Research Data. Here's How to Fix It

By Neil Dixit and Adam Bai — May 18, 2023

Answer Quality

Glimpse utilizes automated quality assurance processes to ensure that people answering questions are providing quality answers. We use automated approaches to detect "gibberish" to automatically flag and remove and replace answers that are nonsensical. We also look out for responses that have been created by generative AI.


Glimpse manages multiple panel suppliers down to the quota level and de-duplicates people across multiple suppliers in real-time using best-in-class security features to analyze digital fingerprints before answering a question. The automated sampling system enables Glimpse to field surveys at scale, for a fraction of traditional recruitment costs.


All suppliers used by Glimpse are evaluated quarterly against a standardized quality control method to assess objective quality measurements. Our panel partners are measured for production efficiency (targeting accuracy, completion rates, etc..) inherent psychographic composition (tech users, brand affinity, etc.) and sample consistency scores to maintain the predictability and integrity of the sample supply.


With decades of experience in managing and fielding and sample methodology, we can draw our online samples from a carefully controlled blend of proprietary panel partners to provide the right mix of people. Samples are drawn from our diverse portfolio of qualified sample partners, are then balanced, and blended across demographics and other necessary metrics to apply consistent and high integrity sample frames to our research projects.

For any questions related to data quality, please reach out to contact@glimpsehere.com.