What are Glimpse’s AI-powered features?

AI Question Creation

Not sure what questions to ask? No problem!  Just tell Glimpse the problem you're looking to solve, what audience you want to speak to, and then Glimpse will do the rest!

Summarize your entire dataset

Whether you are launching and fielding a study in Glimpse or uploading your own data, Glimpse will summarize your entire dataset for you! 

Automatically Categorize Topics in Open-ends

Create or upload topics into your open-ends  automatically categorize your open-ends. The dashboard allows you to segment generative AI outputs by any demographic, behavioral, or mindset-based attribute.

Generative AI Content Creation

What do the 45-55yo women think? How can I persuade the high-income male RPG gamers in France? How should I structure a blog post aimed at people who express anxiety about inflation? Which verbatims should I include?

Generative AI outputs come complete with curated open-ended quotes from respondents, adding richness and power to your reports or content.

Accelerate the path to actionable insights or impactful content like never before.

  • General Summary
    What are respondents talking about?
  • Top Categories
    What are the most important topics they’re talking about?
  • Key Message
    What messaging will most effectively engage them?
  • Positive Story
    What’s the biggest positive story hidden in the data?
  • Negative Story
    What’s the most significant negative story hidden in the data?
  • Confusion Areas
    Where are respondents most confused, unclear, or ambiguous?
  • Newsworthy Idea
    What’s the idea or topic most worthy of sharing publicly?
  • Blog Post
    What would an impactful blog post targeted at a specific audience look like?
  • Summary of ALL Results
    A system to organize, store, and export generative AI outputs, the ability to use generative AI to look for patterns and opportunities across multiple types of data, and much more . . .

What are clients using Glimpse’s generative AI-powered dashboard for right now?

Hubspot (across North American, European, and Japanese markets)

Leading CRM platform with a famously successful thought leadership operation wants to achieve higher engagement levels by creating even more up-to-date, relevant, and differentiated content for global audiences of marketers and salespeople.

Glimpse Gen AI-Powered Solution:
Launch a continuous series of studies over time, increasingly taking advantage of Glimpse’s open-ended response, emotion, and sentiment capabilities to explore what’s truly driving the decisions of the B2B buyers that matter.

Generative AI enables Hubspot to code for key topics instantly, and to discover emerging opportunities before the competition.

Video gaming communities for Ayzenberg (a leading gaming ad agency) and its clients (global)

Glimpse research demonstrated that more than 70% of female-identifying, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ gamers have witnessed toxic behavior while gaming or interacting with digital gaming communities. And more than 25% of those gamers had simply stopped playing particular games in response.

Ayzenberg clients–including some of the world’s largest game platforms and publishers–wanted to listen to and understand these experiences at scale in order to grasp the problem and do something about it.

Glimpse Gen AI-Powered Solution:
With the help of generative AI, the agency and some of its gaming publisher clients are using AI-enabled data and insights from the study to grasp the full range of toxic experiences, from slurs to organized harassment, gather suggested strategies for dealing with personal attacks, and draft recommendations for game publishers to build more inclusive digital communities.

Black identities and shopping habits for major retailers (US)

An agency focusing on Black consumers wanted to bring fresh insights about the diversity of Black identity and shopping habits to their retail clients.

But the usual close-ended survey questions concealed lots of differences that mattered to their retail clients in terms of messaging. And social listening tools tended to register the ‘loudest voices in the room’ and were hardly representative.

Glimpse Gen AI-Powered Solution:
The solution was for the agency to launch a series of studies to a total of 3000 Black Americans on the Glimpse platform. Open-ended questions about identity and shopping habits revealed a host of new insights to help align mental and physical availability on store shelves and craft campaigns and messaging to authentically and powerfully connect with diverse Black communities.

We’re strong believers in the potential of AI to revolutionize market research, marketing, and content creation.

That’s the mindset we brought to our own industry-leading generative AI integration. Our question was never about how to replace humans; rather it was about making the capabilities of generative AI as simple, useful, and applicable as possible for our clients, to help them get better at their jobs, support their teams, and accelerate their organizations’ growth.

So we thought about how we could harness the power of generative AI to help our users with the most important task facing any business: understanding their customers, employees, stakeholders, and audiences better. Paradoxically, relying more on generative AI in this context can actually supercharge human understanding and connection.

This is a game-changer for B2C and B2B brands and technology companies, as well as advertising, PR, creative agencies, and market research firms who rely on human insights to make informed decisions about their products, services, and campaign concepts.

And unlike most of the firms talking about AI these days, we have a real track record of using AI–both our own NLP (Natural Language Processing) models and our generative AI integrations–for client work, on behalf of some of the largest companies in the world. We’ve learned the hard lessons, and we’ve already applied them to our platform design.

Glimpse leaders are also working to engage the industry–and the public–about AI opportunities, risks, and approaches to adoption. We’ve written and lectured widely on the topic, at companies like Mondelēz, academic institutions like Harvard University, and conferences like the Insights Association meetings.

Our take on customer-centricity in the Age of Generative AI, appearing in US News & World Report

How Artificial Intelligence Can Advance Human Understanding

By Neil Dixit and Adam Bai — May 18, 2023