Glimpse is a global, AI-powered self-service research platform that focuses on language, emotion & sentiment, sorted and analyzed in real time and over time, providing actionable insights and content for marketers, communicators, and creators.

For CEOs, interns, and
everyone in between

Glimpse allows anyone from an intern to a CEO to a professional researcher to easily gather and understand human language responses to questions at scale.

1. Ask any question

Glimpse specializes in language and sentiment at scale, with open and close-ended question types and all the survey functionality you need -- including the ability to include images or videos.

Survey design functionality displayed on a tablet

2. Find any audience

Reach any audience within our global network of 250m+ people OR your own customer, employee, or client audience.

Survey distribution functionality displayed on a tablet

3. Generate hundreds of responses in hours

Respondent experience similar to a text chat: mobile-first, user-friendly. Maintaining engagement from start to finish and using emojis to help deliver dependable sentiment data.

You can also upload your own data!

Response data depicting a bar chart on a tablet device

4. Interactive dashboard for topic and sentiment analysis

Discover awareness, emotion, and sentiment. With demographic, firmographic and behavioral attributes for each respondent. Cross-tab functionality and easy PPT exports.

Spider chart functionality displaying emotion results on a tablet

5. Leverage generative AI to craft real-time insights

Industry-leading generative AI integrations create key messaging, draft blog posts, automatically categorize and code responses, and much more.

Generative AI functionality displayed on a tablet
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We get to the heart of things

Glimpse was built by a team of insights technology vets specialized in product, operations, marketing strategy, and academia with decades of collective experience at some of the world’s top organizations.

About Us

Here's what some of our clients think


“Glimpse drives our Marketing Science team to understand what drives our clients’ audience. Resulting in unique insights that fuel creative briefs as well as the ability to deliver concept testing, ongoing measurement opportunities like brand lift and consumer perception all in a nimble and cost-effective way.”

Pamela Bump Headshot

“Glimpse has been a trusted partner in generating insights for our content marketing team in pivotal times. Their AI-powered market research solutions have helped us learn new things about our target audience, build upon our strategies, and create top-performing data-fueled content.”


Pamela Bump

Head of Content Growth, People Manager & Content Strategist, HUBSPOT
cam maxwell

"We are continuously looking to understand buying behavior and overall sentiment of certain segments of shoppers. We love the sentiment and emotional analysis dashboard!"


"I turned to Glimpse to run a study to uncover awareness and sentiment around housing insecurity for an important client. The Glimpse team was fast, responsive, and helpful in yielding compelling insights"

Pamela Bump Headshot

“We worked with Glimpse to run a 1,000-person global study to explore indifference among young people worldwide to uncover why people don’t act when they witness discrimination, and to surface ways to encourage action. The study was revelatory, and we found working with the Glimpse team a positive experience.”


Our industry-leading approach to AI

The age of AI will reshape our organizations and our careers. The question is how we can seize emerging opportunities to add the most value. Glimpse puts generative AI to work for marketers, content creators, and researchers, all in the service of customer and audience-centricity.

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Discover how the platform works

Regardless of whether you’re interested in quick-turn studies, sentiment tracking, surveying your own audiences, or even for uploading existing data, the platform offers an array of powerful features that make targeting audiences, asking questions, analyzing data, and generating truly actionable insights easier than ever.

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