Get any question answered, by any audience.

Simplicity in answers for quick opinions in advertising, media, publishing, or anything in between.

Glimpse utilizes a series of robust data quality techniques to ensure that real people are providing real, high quality answers.

Glimpse also leverages state-of-the-art sampling APIs to support its automated questions platform.

Programmatic sampling enables Glimpse to leverage highly automated sampling and quota management systems to gain more control, transparency, and cost efficiency across a network of quality panel partners.

Quality of Answers

Glimpse utilizes automated quality assurance processes to ensure that people answering questions are providing quality answers. We use automated approaches to detect "gibberish" to automatically flag and remove and replace answers that are non-sensical.


Glimpse manages multiple panel suppliers down to the quota level and de-duplicates people across multiple suppliers in real-time using best-in-class security features to analyze digital fingerprint before answering a question. The automated sampling system enables Glimpse to field surveys at scale, for a fraction of traditional recruitment costs.


All suppliers used by Glimpse are evaluated quarterly against a standardized quality control method to assess objective quality measurements. Our panel partners are measured for production efficiency (targeting accuracy, completion rates, etc..) inherent psychographic composition (tech users, brand affinity, etc..) and sample consistency scores to maintain the predictability and integrity of the sample supply.


With decades of experience in managing and fielding and sample methodology, we can draw our online samples from a carefully controlled blend of proprietary panel partners to provide the right mix of people. Samples are drawn from our diverse portfolio of qualified sample partners, are then balanced, and blended across demographics and other necessary metrics to apply consistent and high integrity sample frames to our research projects.

For any questions related to data quality, please reach out to contact@glimpsehere.com.