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If you’re looking for insights on a category, brand, or product, differentiated thought leadership content, or guidance on product innovation, commercialization, or investment strategy, we can help.

We have extensive experience enabling brands, agencies, publications and non-profits understand the audiences that matter.  

We’re equipped to partner with B2C, B2B, and healthcare clients from every industry, ranging from self-service to full-service.

Glimpse services solutions draw on the power of the Glimpse platform and our industry-leading generative AI technology to uncover emotions, sentiments, and top-of-mind awareness underlying decisions.

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Our industry-leading team of market research experts and marketing strategy consultants

By design, our client services team is a little bit different from others in the market research space. In addition to experts in sampling, targeting, survey design, analytics, and more, the team also includes:

World-class marketing strategy consultants with extensive experience leading marketing and customer-centricity transformations at some of the world’s largest companies, from IBM to PepsiCo, Chase to ABInBev. Why that matters: We understand strategic planning processes, the demands placed on modern marketing functions, and how innovative approaches to research can help organizations accomplish their business goals.

Veteran market research consultants, with decades of experience leading the creation of custom reporting and analytics solutions for brands like Google, SurveyMonkey, and Levis. Why that matters: We understand the relationship between research approaches, technologies, and actionable insights–and how to ensure that every phase of the research cycle helps drive strategy forward.

Some recent client services work

A major services and research project with Cheryl Overton Communications and Wells Fargo for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).


NFCC needed to understand the experience of housing insecurity deeply and at scale in order to structure their new campaign to help.


Glimpse designed and launched a study to 2000 American renters and then created an impactful report highlighting newsworthy data and important audience insights.


A series of landmark findings–Only about 1/3 of respondents feel they understand their rights when it comes to evictions. But we went further to get at the emotional heart of peoples' experiences. The study revealed a deep undercurrent of hope and optimism, especially within the communities of color facing the greatest challenges.

NFCC shaped their new campaign based on Glimpse research and services AND generated earned media coverage and social chatter by including stats and insights.

Learn more here:
National Foundation for Credit Counseling Launches "Make it R.E.A.L" (Renter Equity at Last) to Address Renter Insecurity Across the Country