August 3, 2021

Who are the Unvaccinated?

Who Are the Unvaccinated?

We asked people who have not yet received a Covid-19 vaccine why they haven't been vaccinated. Within an hour, we got answers from over 200 people, balanced on age and gender.

Almost 50% of unvaccinated people said they don't trust the vaccine or mistakenly think it's unsafe, or are worried about unknown long-term effects. 10% have already made an appointment to get vaccinated, with 5% having a medical or autoimmune condition that makes them unable to receive the vaccine, and 5% just don't want to take the vaccine.

The vast majority of unvaccinated people categorized themselves as Republicans or Independents. But not all of them. 24% were Democrats. There also seems to be a link between vaccination levels and level of education: over 73% of the unvaccinated didn't have a college degree.

Why are people resisting the Covid Vaccine?

“I have natural immunity because I already had covid-19. In addition, I participated in immunity therapy to increase my immunity against covid-19 rather than take a vaccine."
— a 68-year-old Republican educated voting white male from the West.

“I haven’t received the vaccine because I don’t want to take it because of the side affects and a lot have died and got sick from it."
— a 28-year-old lower income Democrat African American Female from the south. This person started college, but didn't finish.

“I am unsure if it is safe or not. The media only tells u need to get it but none report of the bad things that happen after you take it. I do believe people are passing away from it which the media doesn't report."
— a 46-year-old republican white male in the north east with a high school education.

Overall, Americans seem to have a range of various reasons for not being vaccinated.

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