April 23, 2024

The Glimpse Blueprint for the Future of AI-Powered Market Research

As we confront today’s fragmented research environments and evolving digital ecosystems, there is an increasing need for simpler, faster, deeper, and more actionable insights. AI is surely part of the solution.

But it’s also true that AI, applied in careless ways, could have extraordinarily negative consequences. Glimpse stands at the center of this transformation, and our approach has the potential to redefine market research across every stage of the research cycle.

At Glimpse, we like to think of ourselves as true pioneers reinventing what’s possible for marketers, researchers, and creators. We use our industry-leading approach to AI to bring about useful methodological, technological, and platform-based change.

Recently, I had the pleasure of diving deeply into these topics during a webinar I delivered for Greenbook, about how these innovations are setting new standards for market intelligence. (Our head of strategy, Adam Bai, presented a related real-life case study at IIEX last week with one of our favorite clients, Hubspot’s Amy Maret.)

Glimpse Launches our Unique Take on AI-Generated Data: Enrich and Grow Your Data

Glimpse is in the process of launching new solutions we feel have massive potential.

Most of us have heard of the new “synthetic” data or “digital twin” capabilities taking research into an unfamiliar realm. We agree with the spirit of these innovations, but are launching our own uniquely nuanced take, securely anchored in quality first-party data.

Our approach surpasses traditional data collection, adding layers of depth and dimension to clients’ existing data, ensuring a richer, more comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.

“Enrich Your Data” refers to the ability to extend your dataset “horizontally”, by using existing data to help the AI answer additional questions––in the same study. Think of it as a virtual recontact study.

“Grow Your Data” refers to taking advantage of historical data clusters and allows you to add additional responses to a given dataset for an underrepresented audience target.

AI is the Soul of Innovation at Glimpse

Glimpse was an AI company before the emergence of generative AI. We leveraged the power of language, sentiment, and emotion, combined it with programmatic sampling, and put an extreme focus on human understanding.

The result was a very good—though still maturing—insights platform that allowed users to better understand the nuanced awareness, emotions, and decisions of their customers.

As we continue to evolve, Glimpse now leverages AI at every single phase of the research cycle, with a commitment to beauty, elegance and simplicity. And with a simultaneous emphasis on depth and nuanced meaning. In addition, we can now analyze data from any source.

From crafting tailored questions and even entire surveys to deciphering the language of human responses, our platform does far more than simply “summarize” information (although it does that well!!). Rather, it constructs a foundation to enable true human understanding, by bridging gaps between data and insights with a human touch.

This vision isn't merely about making market research faster, more efficient, cheaper, or better (though it is certainly all of those things as well!); it's also about transforming it into a conduit for truly actionable intelligence and engaging content.  

Transforming Data into Dialogue

We’re accustomed to thinking of data as a one-way “stream”. At Glimpse we think differently. We’re changing the way we engage with data, turning it into a real two-way conversation that provides real-time insights and fosters deeper connections.

Through our AI personas, we’re able to simulate detailed, dynamic interactions and true conversations, allowing for an exploration of consumer behaviors, sentiments and emotions, and language.

This evolution from static data to dynamic conversations—albeit still backed by interactive charts and graphs—marks a significant leap forward in market research, unlocking new dimensions of understanding. It also massively transforms and democratizes the process of analysis.

Merging Worlds: The Synergy of Real Data with AI-Generated Data

Enrich and Grow Your Data: At Glimpse, we create AI-generated data based on a foundational layer of traditional, real-world, first party data. And not just data from multiple choice questions. We collect hundreds of categorical, behavioral data-points, along with survey responses.

Each respondent that comes through our system answers at least one open-ended question, providing a more nuanced—but still quantifiable—picture. Our approach ensures that every single “digital twin” persona is built on real data, provided by real people.

This integration creates a dynamic research ecosystem where enriched data complements and enhances the real data, offering insights of unmatched depth and reliability.

This blend enables the integrity and utility of our research, introduces a new paradigm where enhanced data fuels innovation and understanding, one where insights are progressively sharpened and made more actionable over time.

Navigating Tomorrow: Our Vision for the Future

As we peer into the future, it's clear that the research and marketing landscapes are already evolving, along with advancements in AI and in the strategic enrichment of data. The potential impact of AI on efficiency, innovation, and productivity is enormous, promising to reshape not just market research, but also the future of work.

At Glimpse, we’re not just observers of this shift; we’re also dedicated to redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in market research and beyond. Contact us today to discuss how Glimpse can help you unlock new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Neil Dixit
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