October 21, 2021

How Glimpse Uses Natural Language Processing

Customer-led messaging is essential to your marketing strategy - you know this, and the companies that stand to thrive after 2020 have proven it. We can’t always predict the ways communication methods and media technology will change in the future, but companies can rest on the idea that the fundamentals of being human will remain the same. Keeping a pulse on your customer base - their opinions, feelings, and desires - is a way to ensure a solid foundation in adapting your message to the changing times. This rapidly changing future will prove more and more difficult to handle without a way to listen to your audience.

That’s where Glimpse comes in. Glimpse is a Natural Language Processing platform that can get your questions answered, by any audience, in real-time. The tool’s AI-driven technology, rapid turnaround time, and access to over 70 million people globally means your company can get 'in-the-moment' feedback on any topic you can think of.

Why use Natural Language Processing?

Natural language processing (NLP) translates language into action, giving the AI tools and machine learning models the clarity and structure they need to build new applications, translate voice commands, and automate our world.

The way we use natural language processing at Glimpse removes the ambiguity surrounding what people think. More than what a survey tool can provide, Glimpse aggregates and organizes responses from your audience to unlock their sentiments, and new topics to explore - all delivered in your audience’s own words.

Who can use it:

Anyone using Glimpse stands to save time on research and keep messaging fresh and relevant. Getting questions out to a hyper-targeted audience in minutes means further audience understanding for:

How Glimpse works:

Create content

Once you’ve created your account and loaded your credits, start your journey through Create Content. Create your study with open-ended questions (with options to add multiple-choice as well).

Target your ideal audience

Craft your audience with distinctions from size, geographical regions, and from over 10 categories such as registered voters, primary grocery shoppers, and pet owners. We also have a multitude of B2B audiences available as well.

Send out your Question(s)

Questions go out in a conversational format to our pool of over 70 million people.

Once your questions and audience targets are set - send it out! Responses usually come back within several hours depending on how targeted the audience is.

See what your audience thinks

When the results are in, get an immediate take on your audience’s responses.

In this example, we asked what people thought of the Texas abortion law. The first thing you’ll notice is the average sentiment score on a scale of -1 to 1, 1 being the most positive. This issue averaged out at a -0.5 causing us to conclude that generally, the majority of those we spoke to disapproved of the law.

View Overall Sentiment Distribution

Next, you’ll see the distribution of where comment sentiments landed. Here we asked what audiences thought of Apple’s latest announcements from their October event. Sentiment percentages from negative, neutral and positive are displayed. In this case, respondents were split between all three camps, although you’ll see things skewed slightly more positively.

To see more examples of how Glimpse can be used to tap audiences for their thoughts on current events, checkout our other blog articles.

Discover top mentions of interest

An aggregate of additional words that came up in the discussion are also organized by sentiment. Some words you expect to see are shown for this topic, but there may be some that surprise you.

Get to know your audience

Drill into the who behind the responses by scrolling over individual comments* in the platform. Group topics by sentiment, then dive into any one response to find out more about the person behind their answers. Get standard demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, but also others including income, education, political affiliation, even pet preference information on participants.

*NOTE: all question answer data is completely anonymized - no PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is exchanged in the process.

Drill into audience segments and topics

Pick and choose which responses you received that you’d like to learn more about. The topics and sentiments of your selected responses will appear, giving you a bird’s eye view into other topics related to the issue or questions at hand.

You can also see how all top topics map on a sentiment spectrum. An analysis like this comes in handy when crafting a press release or a new marketing message, showing you what topics to avoid or where your audience may land concerning a certain focus.

Customize your data

Rather than getting a download of the statistics or simply raw data (which you can also do), Glimpse gives you the flexibility to organize responses by topic or sentiment and dive in further to the demographics associated with respondents. Just select the topics or multiple comments to get more information about the respondents.

Dynamic Filtering

The sidebar allows you to drill down into insights focused on only a subset of the population of your choosing. For example, you can filter comment analysis based on current Apple product owners and segment further by income levels.

Save your filters as well to pick up where you left off in your analysis from day to day - or audience segment.

Combine and Rename Topics

If you want to dive deeper into the audience behind a certain topic - or group of topics - merge the ones listed to consolidate your review. Here we wanted to zero in on what people thought of the new AirPods in the Apple announcements.

Discover Emotions

Dive into the overarching emotions that span all comments to your query. In the Apple announcement, we know from our overall analysis that this study was fairly evenly divided across sentiments, however, the emotion we see most among the results was “Joy.”

Comment sentiment scores & categories

A newly released feature, you can see how each individual comment will get a sentiment score in addition to categories such as sadness, joy, fear, disgust and anger, allowing you to gain insight faster and add context to your understanding of your audiences’ true feelings.

Raw Data Download

Lastly, you have the choice to peruse pre-built charts or gather the raw responses to do your own analysis. Downloads are delivered via Excel, and mark each comment with demographic data and topics mentioned.


And there you have it! With Glimpse, you can get virtually any audience answering conversational questions within minutes. More than a survey tool, this is meant to get into the "why's" behind the what -- at scale.

Natural language processing can be used for so much more than automation tools or simple action/response functions. With an easy way to amass all that your audience has to say, Glimpse turns your company messaging into a conversation. Rather than talking into a void, hoping your messages land, you can create a true dialogue - one that will build your future foundations alongside the market as it changes.