Finding New Insights Through Key Messaging

Imagine being able to generate powerful, tailored messaging for the audiences and customer segments that matter most to you. Instantly.

Imagine using generative AI to base that messaging on the actual words and emotions of survey respondents. (You can ask thousands of people the questions that matter most to you and get deeply meaningful responses back in hours.)  

Imagine taking that messaging and incorporating it into emails, advertising, social posts, and thought leadership content to cut through the noise from competitors and create more engagement. (That’s what many of our clients have been doing for months now!)

Imagine including stunning infographics and evocative quotes from real people in your messaging content.

Imagine doing all of this 10x faster and far less expensively than you ever thought possible.

The Glimpse platform can do all of this right now, along with representative first-party data, intelligent guardrails, fine-tuning, and added context to enable you to craft insights, tailor messaging, and create nuanced personas with AI.

One of the most powerful features Glimpse offers is AI Key Messaging. This tool delves deep into the open-ended responses of the surveys you've conducted and identifies patterns in the language respondents use to communicate with you.

But it doesn't just stop at summarizing responses; it interprets the tone, sentiment, and choice of words to provide you with actionable insights.

Glimpse's Key Message feature is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that you can easily access and understand the insights it provides.

Analyzing Responses

Once you've collected a pool of survey responses, Glimpse gets to work. It scans through the comments section, taking into account the text, tone, and sentiment of each response.

Generating Key Messages

After analyzing the data, Glimpse's algorithm generates key messages that encapsulate the prevailing language and sentiment used by your respondents. These key messages are concise summaries that offer a snapshot of your audience's communication style.

Tailored Filtering

But here's where it gets even more impressive. Glimpse allows you to filter these key messages based on various parameters:

Demographics: Want to see how different age groups or genders are communicating with you? Glimpse enables you to filter key messages to gain a deeper understanding of specific segments within your audience.

Topics: Curious about how respondents who discussed different topics phrase their comments? You can easily filter key messages to see how these groups differ in their language. In our example below, we are filtering on people who mentioned AI in Content Creation, AI in Arts and Entertainment, or Influence on Humanities. (These were automatically categorized by our AI topic creator!!)

Sentiment and Emotion: Glimpse comments are segmented into emotions and sentiments. You can then filter comments by sentiment and emotions to gauge what ideal messaging should be. In our example below, we're filtering by Positive Sentiment and Joyful Emotion, and here is the messaging:

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