Connecting with Impact: The World of Relatable Influencers

Relatability drives the influencer economy. For an influencer to become successful they have to cultivate a niche and a brandable personality. If you can get someone to comment, “OMG that's me!” you can also earn a new subscriber. However, there is only so much you can learn about your audience through comments or the simple analytics your platform of choice–whether it’s Instagram or TikTok or LinkedIn–provides.

You already know the little things that make your followers relate to you but what if you’re ignoring the potential for future audience growth? What if you could dig more deeply? What if you could predict the relatability of a topic before even posting? Or even use real, differentiated data to persuade brands to take a risk on you?

It’s time for influencers to learn more about what motivates their audiences. If you’re an influencer, Glimpse helps you to hold a  magnifying glass up to your own audience, allowing you to make content that speaks directly to them.

With Glimpse, it’s not necessary to invest lots of time and money in learning complex survey tools and it’s easy to do everything on a single platform, without a big upfront financial commitment. And you can use the power of Generative AI to help you write posts, and shape key messages for particular audiences, based on how they actually think and feel.

How could Glimpse help me?

  • Find new content topics or categories to focus on.
  • Discover new audiences.
  • Figure out how to translate your success on one platform into success on a different platform
  • A/B test posts, images, videos, or language to see how people will respond.
  • Gather data and discover new angles that other influencers competing for audience time and attention won’t have access to.

How does it all work?

  • Use Glimpse to find and then target people who are likely followers based on their demographic characteristics, interests, life or career challenges, etc.
  • Ask people questions using normal conversational language (and/more typical survey questions) and get back conversational answers in response.
  • Watch answers start rolling in within minutes.
  • Take a look at the Glimpse dashboard to analyze people’s responses. See how they feel, what’s top-of-mind for them, and the language they use to describe their own interests and challenges.
  • Use the power of Generative AI to help write powerful text and headlines, specifically designed to engage your audiences. Instantly!

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Say you’re an aspiring food influencer. You’ve gone to your favorite restaurants, you’ve gone to the most recommended restaurants, you’ve even gone to the restaurants in your comment section. But what’s next? How do you know what type of food content will engage your audience better than the rest? With Glimpse, you’ll automatically see answers to questions like,“Do you adhere to one or more of the following diets or dietary restrictions?” as part of the audience profile for each respondent. But you can go way beyond the profile questions to ask something like “What food will you never ever touch and why?”

The data from your Glimpse studies will give you a simple path to follow as you start to build a specific audience for your content. You may be a small profile in the larger world of food influencers, but now you’re the food influencer for those who eat kosher and gluten-free but also happen to despise mushrooms.

Now you’ve decided to become a makeup guru, but you’ve learned from your previous mistakes  and now know that you can use Glimpse to reach different types of audience more quickly. So you launch a different study and ask questions such as, “What type of ingredients do you not want to see in your makeup?” and “Do you like simple or dramatic makeup?” And from there you can ease into a new form of relatability, without needing to start from scratch. You can also learn from your followers which brands they care about, and then reach out to those brands to collaborate, armed with data they’ll be excited about.

Glimpse doesn’t only help these consumer niche-specific influencers, but other types of influencers as well. You’ll know right away (as part of the audience profile) about the educational experience of your audience, their political ideas, what type of pet they have, or if they’re a night owl or a morning person. Maybe they take a shower in the morning or wait until they’re about to get to bed. Maybe they like rollerblading to work instead of riding a car, or maybe they care a lot about sustainability..

When you combine these personality details with responses to the questions you ask–and what answers reveal about emotions and top-of-mind awareness–you can start to show your audience that you can speak directly to their needs and hopes and interests with them. Making you more relatable than you once were. And making your content more powerful than ever before.

Embark on your exciting journey as an influencer by reaching out to us! Connect here to kickstart your new phase of captivating content creation.

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