July 14, 2021

Fun Facts from Glimpse

Just this morning, we targeted 100 people across the US, and we showed a video of Richard Branson speaking from outer space, and asked what people thought, and what they thought of the future of space travel. Within an hour, we received our 100 responses from across the country.

What did We Discover?

Targets were balanced on Census, which means we get a representative audience of age, gender, and region and ethnicity. Overall, people's opinions were fairly positive with a sentiment of 0.21. (For context, generally, sentiment is represented on a scale of -1 to 1, with the low end of the scale indicating negative responses and the high end of the scale indicating positive responses.) This is never going to be perfect. So a score of 0.21 is actually pretty good! Even though over 60% of people had a positive sentiment, it was also offset by the less positive comments that people had to say.

Over 60%
of those we spoke to had very positive things to say about the trip up in Space, and felt it was an exciting step towards the future of space travel. Demographically, this audience skewed younger and were more liberal.
Approximately 10%
of those we spoke to thought it was plainly just a bad idea, and had no interest in space travel or exploration. Most of these people were white republicans.
Another 17%
associated space tourism as something that is for the wealthy. This skewed older more conservative females in the south.

"I think this is awesome. He’s gonna make it more affordable to go into space and as the billionaire race continues I know Jeff Bezos is going to space next week. This is a great leap for the people of earth to possibly enjoy this experience. Hopefully all flights goes well as we have experienced in the past with the space shuttle cross your fingers nothing happens like that!", says a 45 year old asian voting male in the west.
"I think that there are so many other problems here on earth that this money could be used to solve them. Spending this money on space is a waste.", says a 65 year old white male registered voting rebulican in the west who makes $75k and has a high school education.
"He is very happy with himself and wants to open space travel up to tourists in space that can afford such travel. Some people have to work 3 for 4 jobs to put food on the table for their families and pay their bills and then we have these supper wealthy people who spend gobs of money to float in space for 3 minutes!", says a 65 year old white female in the south who considers herself 'slightly liberal'.

Of course, some people were also skeptical. "Branson is a remarkable entrepreneur, with the financial wherewithal to afford and live his dream. His space journey, along with that of Jeff Bezos to come, will re-ignite and interest in space travel and exploration. But I also wish they'd invest in improving things here on Earth.", says s 65 year old white liberal female voter in the South.