March 27, 2024

2024 Crystal Ball: Unraveling the Future of B2B Marketing

We all know there are tons of white papers and articles out there claiming to unravel the secrets of B2B marketing in 2024. Very few of them are based on creative research with real marketers, sellers, and buyers. So, while we can’t offer you a crystal ball, we've launched a study to uncover the latest trends and then sifted through the noise to bring you some useful insights.

Are finding new leads and navigating the B2B buyer journey really much more challenging than they used to be? And what about keeping up with rapidly evolving technology trends—another impossible hurdle to overcome? Surprisingly, and contrary to some of the claims floating around, the sentiment wasn't all doom and gloom.

In our latest survey of 308 B2B marketing and sales professionals, optimism reigned supreme. Despite acknowledging potential economic hurdles, the overwhelming sentiment was one of optimism and innovation. Glimpse’s gen AI summed it up perfectly (and instantly!): "The general sentiment indicates a strong belief in growth and innovation within the industry."

But let's zoom in a bit. Only 4% of respondents consider acquiring new leads a “major headache”, 29% find it “somewhat challenging,” suggesting that here lead identification is still difficult for many..

Rather than offering a list of predetermined multiple choice answers, we asked B2B professionals open-ended questions to discover emerging challenges. They varied widely, from increasing competition to shifting market dynamics.

The real story became clearer when we asked about changing customer expectations. B2B professionals do see durable shifts in customer expectations, shifts which must be understood if B2B companies want to remain competitive. Glimpse AI's Topics offers detailed insights, enabling businesses to pinpoint specific areas for improvement and make more informed decisions:

B2B marketers are already investing more heavily in social media advertising, AI, and email marketing because they see these as effective tools to adapt to evolving customer expectations–in particular the demand for more personalized experiences, digital and omni-channel experiences, as well as self-service options.

Nearly half of the respondents are already in the process of implementing AI solutions, with over half feeling excited about the prospect.

Most importantly, what are our respondents focusing on to differentiate themselves in 2024?

Well, they're all about content marketing, building brand reputation, and embracing the digital shift.

In their own words:

"Moving entirely to digital platforms,"

"Personalization will become more important,"

"I believe the future of B2B marketing will become about content marketing, building up the brand’s reputation."

"It will continue to inch closer to B2C marketing by becoming more emotional. AI will move to the front and be a real difference maker."

When we engaged in conversation with an AI-created virtual B2B professional using 20+ demographic and firmographic data points and a collection of first-party data as a guide, we unlocked further insights–instantly.

Glimpse AI summarizes the themes as: "The general sentiment from their responses indicates a strong belief in growth and innovation within the industry. Key phrases that emerged include "AI implementation," "automation," "personalized experiences," and "digital transformation."

In a nutshell, the future of B2B marketing is brimming with possibilities, fueled by optimism, innovation, and a healthy dose of AI resilience like what Glimpse aims to provide.

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